Intra 90'' Three Roll Winder refurbished and modified by Selco Inc



Web Width:------------90”

Max. Roll size:--------48”

Core id.-----------------3”

Speed:------------------100 ft/min

Tension:----------------0.5 to 2.5 pli

Voltage:----------------110/460 Volt

Equipment Color:---- Green

Material:-------------- Nonwoven, textile, fiberglass


Used Refurbished Three Roll Automatic Winder:


      - Heavy duty design

      - Three 10” drive rolls

      - Automatic arbor loader, (for 3 arbors)

      - Adjustable 1st Hold Down

      - Automatic roll transfer from 1st to 2nd wind position

      - Automatic cross cutter (serrated knife)

           Note: with selectable preset cut length.

      - Automatic roll discharge

      - Rider roll in first wind position

      - Rider roll in second wind position

      - Motor & Gear Reducer included

            Note: Geared for 100ft/min 

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